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From Jeff Foster PDF Print E-mail
Written by Doug Hauth   
Thursday, 17 May 2012 07:22

"There is a locked vault containing everything you've ever longed for -

all the riches of the universe. You spend your life trying to open the vault -

through struggling, striving, meditating, transcending, guru-worshipping,

believing, rejecting, accepting, praying, self-enquiring, yoga-ing, and so on and so on.

Finally, exhausted, you give up trying to open the vault.....

and that's when the vault opens by itself. It was never locked in the first place.


What's inside the vault? This moment, exactly as it is."


Jeff Foster

Jeff Foster on Awakening PDF Print E-mail
Written by Doug Hauth   
Tuesday, 17 January 2012 15:02

I love Jeff Foster. Here he talks about Awakening or Enlightenment and what it feels like. He talks about how we are waiting for something to be different, yet everything we are is already here. Wonderful.

Click Here

The Untold Story PDF Print E-mail
Written by Doug Hauth   
Friday, 09 September 2011 12:24
If you've ever wondered about how the Course came to be, this is a great read! Click Here
About the Scribes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Doug Hauth   
Monday, 05 December 2011 10:04

Judy Whitson Describes
What She Learned from the Scribes of A Course in Miracles
Click here to listen to Judy Whitson describe how she met Bill and Helen and how she was chosen to publish the Course.

Last Updated on Monday, 05 December 2011 10:11
The Thing About Non-Duality PDF Print E-mail
Written by Doug Hauth   
Wednesday, 22 June 2011 08:53

study group 2 of 2So here's the thing about non-duality - you can't really explain it no matter how hard you try. A Course in Miracles says that "words are just symbols of symbols, twice removed from reality". How could one ever expect to use them to explain anything? Of course, that doesn't stop us from trying does it? The simplest thing one can say about non-duality is that it s all-inclusive; there is no you and me, no object and observer; there is nothing but what has always been and that's that. Inevitably however the thought arises from that oneness, "but what about me"? When that happens, as it does virtually every moment, oneness seems to be shattered. Oneness can't be true if I see me and I see you and we're obviously separate.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 June 2011 09:22
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